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Conference proceedings

The detailed instruction for the preparation of an abstract to be included in the Book of Abstracts and a paper, which will be published on a CD-ROM can be downloaded as a PDF-document instruction.pdf
The template file for MS-Word users can be found in instruction.doc. LateX users can use the template file instruction.tex,

The complete abstract, including figures, tables and references should have exactly 2 pages and the paper must not exceed 10 pages. The proceedings will be published using the Portable Document Format (PDF). The authors are responsible for translating their papers to PDF. In order for the papers to fit on one CD-ROM, the paper .pdf file cannot be larger than 2.0 MB. Abstracts and papers which will not satisfy the formal requirements listed in the instruction will not be accepted and will be returned to the authors. If you are not clear about any of the instructions or would like further information on formatting, please contact organizers.The papers will be published without any changes.

The abstracts and papers can be submitted to the conference organizers in one of the following ways:

  • a hardcopy and one disk by post (air-mail) to the conference address
  • an electronic version in .pdf format by e-mail as an attachment to the e-mail conference address